Bethan Thomas

Graphic Designer

Peckham Business Forum

Brand Identity & Logo Design

Peckham Business Forum was created to form a collective voice for the small businesses on Rye Lane and the surrounding area. Their goal is to champion change and transformation, and create unity throughout a time of regeneration in the area. I designed a logo and brand identity for the forum, which included collaborating with a developer to produce the full website. 

An Impact Project with the Creative Impact Club. Photography by Stefon Grant.

I worked closely with the team at Tree Shepherd, a South London charity who enable small enterprises with business support, events, training and mentorship. As founders of Peckham Business Forum, their goal with the brand was to attract a wide audience and convey the vibrancy, diversity and soul of Peckham. 

We kicked off the project with a walk down Rye Lane, chatting to locals and finding out more about their everyday life.

 As inclusivity is a key value of the forum, a brand focus group was hosted in Peckham with several local business owners. The two final concepts were presented, and valuable feedback was taken on board to help guide decision-making.  

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